Looking for a Commercial Property Financing Alternative?

If you’re looking for a commercial property loan that can be approved quickly and without loads of paperwork, then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you secure financing by way of our stated income commercial real estate loans so you don’t have to wait ages to begin your project.

Basic Information About a Stated Income Loan

There are two things that make a stated income loan stand out from a traditional loan. The first is that your credit score is not as important as the property’s value, although your credit profile should have a score of 600 at the very least. The second is that you need to show proof of income in the form of a W-2 or similar document, rather than a long list of documents.

Benefits of Accepting Our Loan

We strive to provide financing that can be flexible for businesses like yours. Part of that includes offering loans that can be used in various ways and for more than one type of property. Some properties a stated income commercial real estate loan covers are office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, housing, auto service centers and storage units. As a bonus, you can use this loan for the following purposes:

  • Refinancing
  • Working capital
  • Remodeling and renovating
  • Purchasing property
  • Consolidating debt

Standard Terms Of Our Financing

As with most loans, your specific terms may vary depending on the amount you receive. However, our stated income loans have some standard terms to help you understand what your agreement might include when you apply. Take a look at the following terms:

  • Loan limit reaching no more than $500,000
  • A maximum LTV of 65% to 75%
  • 25-year loan terms
  • Amortization
  • Fixed rates

Your Financing Starts Here

You can start financing your commercial property today with the help of AK Capital Finance. Contact us and speak with our team about the stated income commercial real estate loan we offer so you can receive your application today.