Equipment Financing Solutions in Indianapolis, IN

AK Capital Finance understands the important role equipment plays in the success of Indianapolis businesses. From local bakeries to automotive centers, medical practices, construction companies, manufacturers, and everything in between, having access to the right equipment helps businesses in Indianapolis to be more productive and gain a competitive edge. We also understand that purchasing equipment out of pocket can place a big strain on cash flow and finances, which is why we offer equipment financing and leasing solutions to businesses and organizations throughout Indianapolis, IN. AK Capital Finance offers a wide range of equipment financing and leasing solutions for organizations of all types throughout Indianapolis, IN. Whether you need to purchase or lease equipment, we can create a customized program to help your organization increase productivity and grow successfully.

Equipment Financing

AK Capital Finance offers solutions to Indianapolis business owners who want to purchase equipment. Our equipment financing solutions feature:

  • Small-ticket financing up to $150,000 with no financial statement required
  • Mid-ticket financing up to $500,000
  • Large-ticket financing over $500,000
  • Approvals as fast as 24 hours
  • Approvals in 3-5 days for mid- and large-ticket financing
  • Various payment options available
  • Little to no down payment

Equipment Leasing in Indianapolis, IN

AK Capital Finance also offers equipment leasing solutions to organizations of all types in Indianapolis. Our equipment leasing programs include:

  • Government entities: We offer special equipment leasing solutions for government and municipal departments throughout Indianapolis with guaranteed funding. We provide equipment leasing for offices, police and fire departments, schools, public libraries, and more.
  • New companies: We help new businesses lease the equipment they need to make sales and grow their operations.
  • Lease to sale: AK Capital Finance offers equipment leasing solutions to local businesses with the option to purchase at the end of the agreement. Our lease to sale programs allows businesses to turn equipment into permanent assets.

Our equipment leasing programs feature:

  • Equipment leasing packages up to $500,000
  • Terms up to 84 months
  • Approvals as fast as 24 hours
  • Low monthly payments
  • Tax benefits
  • Options to upgrade, trade-in, and purchase
  • Special programs for imperfect credit

If you own a business in the Indianapolis area and have less-than-perfect credit, AK Capital Finance can help. We offer equipment leasing programs to Indianapolis businesses with B, C, and D credit. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and credit history should not hold you back from getting the equipment you need.

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AK Capital Finance works with businesses across all industries, as well as government and municipal departments in Indianapolis to provide the financing to meet their equipment needs. From workstations to large earth movers to high technical and life-saving equipment, our team will work with you to understand your equipment requirements and provide a solution so you can get the tools, machinery, and vehicles you need without breaking your budget. Contact AK Capital Finance today to get the equipment you need.